Work at YouthCO

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YouthCO is a non-profit organization by and for youth impacted by HIV and Hep C in British Columbia, including youth living with HIV or Hep C, Indigenous youth, and queer and trans youth. We are committed to reducing the impact of HIV and Hep C stigma on youth in our communities through anti-oppressive approaches to peer education, peer support and community building.

You may have noticed this job does not have a minimum requirement for education or number of years of work or volunteer experience. That is because we realize education and/or past jobs are not the only experiences that may make someone a great fit for positions on the YouthCO team. As a peer-led organization, it is most important to us to hire someone who will connect with the communities that we work with and is able to carry out the responsibilities of each position.

Applications are are now closed for our current vacancies.