Positive Programs

Since 1994, youth living with HIV have been a key part of YoutuhCO's work. Hep C was added to our mandate in the 2000s. Currently, our programs engage mostly with youth living with HIV, and we’re working to better meet the needs of youth who have Hep C. 

YouthCO offers peer education and support for youth living with HIV and Hep C! We connect with youth under 30 across what is now called British Columbia, in-person and online. These programs are free, and we can travel to you or help you travel to us!

Youth living with HIV and Hep C are welcome in all our programs, and we do not need to disclose our status to the group to participate! Positive Programs is a dedicated space for youth living with HIV and/or Hep C, and is a space where everyone shares this experience. Our programs focus on peer education, leadership, and peer support for youth throughout British Columbia.


We offer peer-led events for youth living with HIV and/or Hep C! These events include a mix of fun activities, getting to know each other, and peer education and peer support related to the ways HIV and Hep C can impact us. These events take place in-person and online, and we are committed to making these events accessible to all youth, whether by providing internet devices for youth to use or supporting travel or childcare! Sometimes, these events take place at clinics that provide care for youth living with HIV and/or Hep C!

Camp Moomba

Camp Moomba offers peer support and peer education to youth, aged 6-17 years, living with HIV or who have a close family member who is living with HIV. Youth living with HIV are encouraged to be part of making camp possible, whether as group leaders, nurses, or our peer education team.

One on One Support

YouthCO is able to connect youth living with HIV and/or Hep C to one-on-one support close to home! YouthCO staff can connect with youth and offer peer support, and find additional options to support our needs!

Fraser Health Authority funds YouthCO to provide youth living with HIV with one on one support towards our goals! Our HIV Support Worker is available to support youth with housing, work, or school, transportation to and from appointments, understanding information about HIV, and much, much more! Reach out by phone or text: 778-877-9115.

Leadership Opportunities

YouthCO's vision is youth leadership within the HIV and Hep C movement! We offer a variety of leadership opportunities for youth, and can work with youth one on one to find a perfect fit!

  • YouthCO's Core Training program for youth to learn about our values and approaches to HIV and Hep C
  • Planning and hosting peer events across British Columbia
  • Participating in the Positive Leadership Development Institute led by the Pacific AIDS Network
  • Advising and guiding research projects and campaigns involving youth throughout British Columbia
  • Serving on the YouthCO Board of Directors
  • Participating in national and provincial forums and/or conferences for people or youth living with HIV
  • Speaking publicly about our experiences living with HIV and/or with YouthCO programs to various audiences, including service providers and health professionals

Financial Supports

British Columbia youth who are living with HIV are eligible for financial supports and scholarships up to a maximum of $1,000. Full details about our financial supports can be found at www.youthco.org/scholarships.

Youth living with Hep C are welcome to some of our programs below, and are encouraged to get in touch with us to help us create more Hep C programming. We have an intro booklet about Hep C available online and in print! If you'd like a print copy, let us know!

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