Positive Programs

Positive Programs is a dedicated space for youth living with HIV and/or Hep C. We offer free programs for youth living with HIV and Hep C across what is now called British Columbia. Youth living with HIV and Hep C are welcome in all YouthCO's programs. We do not need to disclose our status to the group to participate. Across YouthCO's programs, our events are a place to meet other youth, challenge stigma, and get support. YouthCO can support youth to access our programs, whether that's with travel costs, getting access to a phone or another way to access the internet, or connecting with translators.

Since 1994, youth living with HIV have been a key part of YouthCO's work. Hep C was added to our mandate in the 2000s. Youth living with Hep C are welcome in our programs, although currently, most of our participants are youth living with HIV. We are working to better meet the needs of youth who have Hep C.

One to One Support

In the Fraser region, YouthCO provides youth living with HIV with one on one support towards our goals. Our HIV Support Worker is available to support youth with housing, work, or school, transportation to and from appointments, understanding information about HIV, and much, much more! Reach out by phone or text at 778-877-9115.

If we live outside the Fraser region, YouthCO is able to connect us with one-on-one support close to home. YouthCO staff can connect with youth and offer peer support, and find additional options to support our needs!

Leadership Opportunities

YouthCO's vision is youth leadership within the HIV and Hep C movement! We offer a variety of leadership opportunities for youth, and can work with youth one on one to find a perfect fit. Get in touch with our team today at [email protected] to find out more about opportunities within and beyond YouthCO, including our Core Training program, and regional and national opportunities for youth living with HIV and/or Hep C.

Camp Moomba

Camp Moomba offers peer support and peer education to 6-17 year olds, living with HIV or who have a close family member who is living with HIV. Youth living with HIV are encouraged to be part of making camp possible, whether as group leaders, nurses, or our peer education team.

Camp Moomba first ran in 1998, led by the Western Pediatric AIDS Society. YouthCO is thrilled to continue to create Moomba Magic with a dedicated team of volunteers, staff, and donors each and every year.

Financial Supports

Youth who are living with Hep C or HIV are eligible for financial supports and scholarships from YouthCO! We award these supports a few times per year, and do our best to respond to urgent needs. Apply now, or learn more information, at here.

Social Events

We offer peer-led events for youth living with HIV and/or Hep C year-round! Each event includes an activity and an opportunity to get to know each other.

No events yet.