Come to Moomba!

Camp Moomba

Summer Camp will be taking place from July 14 to July 19 on the Sunshine Coast. This year, Camp Moomba will be open first to youth and volunteers living with HIV from British Columbia, especially those of us outside the Lower Mainland who may not have been able to come to camp before!

Camp Moomba is open to youth who are between 6 and 17 years old, and are living with HIV or have a close family member who is HIV-positive. Campers must be aware of their HIV status and/or the HIV status of their family member to attend. YouthCO, Oak Tree Clinic, and our partners, are available to help support families with disclosure. 

Our team of staff and volunteers work hard to create a place that is fun and safe for all campers! We have camper agreements in place about behaviour, photography and videos, and technology and social media. This year, we also have a new agreement about using alcohol, drugs, and vapes while at camp. 

We are able to accept up to 40 campers from British Columbia, and a few campers in other parts of Western Canada. We will confirm your spot at camp as soon as possible after we receive your registration!

New Campers

Camper application forms are available now! These forms indicate camper(s) are interested in, and available to, attend summer camp, taking place from July 14 to July 19, agree to our camp community agreements (same as above), and are aware of the way HIV impacts their families. Application forms must be received by June 1. You can get in touch with us (604-688-1441 or [email protected]) to request that we mail you one of these forms. You can also download a form by clicking here.

Returning Campers

For returning campers, we need you to:

  • ensure you are up-to-date with changes to our camp agreements about behaviour, photography and videos, and technology and social media 
  • give us a call, or get in touch for a time we can call you to confirm confidential information about medications, health, and camper birthdates and care card information. 

Questions about camp or registration can be directed to Jessica or Sarah at [email protected] or 604-688-1441. We're looking forward to speaking with you about Moomba this summer!!