Whatever our status, let's resist stigma!

October 4, 2017

Whatever our HIV status or viral load, there are plenty of ways for us to resist the stigma around HIV. Together with Resist Stigma, we are proud to present these posters showing different ways that we can resist stigma, whatever our HIV status or viral load.

Earlier this year, people living with HIV came together to share conversations that we have all too often with people who are stuck with misinformation and myths about HIV. Each poster brings together information from our statement on undetectable = untransmissible, our values of anti-oppression and sex-positivity, and showcases choices we’re making as young people when it comes to sex. Today, we know a lot more about HIV than ever before, and these posters help to share this information and challenge stigma at the same time. The links below will take you to each poster and a brief explanation of the message we chose to include!

Whatever our HIV status:

are ways of resisting stigma. 

Each one of the four posters in this series emphasizes that whatever our HIV status, we can play a role in challenging stigma and strengthening our communities. One awesome way to do that is by making informed decisions about sex that are right for us, from medication for treatment or prevention, to condoms, lube, testing, and talking about our sexual health! Whatever our HIV status or viral load, stigma has no place in the way we interact with each other. What is one way that you will #resiststigma?