Camp Moomba Visitor Day

When: July 18, 2018 at 2:15pm - 10:15pm

Where: YMCA Camp Elphinstone

Contact: Sarah Chown · · 604-684-1701

Are you a Camp Moomba alumni? A future Moomba family? A strong supporter of our work? Consider joining us at camp for visitor day, a key tradition for Moomba!

We are pleased to be able to welcome visitors to join us for an afternoon and evening at camp on July 18! Visitors are welcome on site starting at 3:15pm, and will be able to join us for a welcome, afternoon activities, dinner, and an evening dance party. Visitors will be joining group activities, and must stay with the group at all times.

Visitors are welcome on site between 3:15pm and 8:15pm on July 18.

YouthCO will make arrangements for visitors taking the 2:10pm ferry from West Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay), arriving on the Sunshine Coast at 2:50pm, and departing on the 8:50pm ferry. We will be able to cover passenger fares for our visitors, and limited rides will be available from the ferry terminal to camp. Our camp site is approximately a 25 minute (uphill) walk from the ferry terminal. 

All visitors must sign a confidentiality statement, including an agreement limiting photo taking and sharing to ensure the privacy of our campers, before the day.

To join us as a visitor, RSVP below! We will reply to your RSVP with the confidentiality statement and additional information we require (any dietary needs, an emergency contact, and any need-to-know medical information, such as whether you carry an EpiPen). We will do our best to accommodate everyone who would like to participate in visitor day. We may not be able to respond to visitor requests while at camp, so please get in touch before July 15 to confirm your spot!

Will you come?