If we know that we may come into contact with HIV on a regular basis, we may want to use pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Using PrEP means we take a pill on a daily basis or intermittently before and after activities where there is a possibility of coming into contact with HIV. This medication dramatically lowers the chance of becoming HIV positive if we come into contact with it.

At YouthCO, we want to work with youth who want PrEP to get it! It can be challenging to navigate the healthcare system around this at times, and we can help!

PrEP is prescribed based on provincial guidelines. A healthcare provider is responsible for assessing whether we fit into these categories and if we would benefit from PrEP based on our sexual and/or drug use practices. If we meet the guidelines, we are able to access PrEP for free. PrEP is free for most people who live in BC, including those of us who are refugees or Indigenous, whether or not we have status. PrEP is available for free if we are men who have sex with men, transgender women, heterosexual people who have partners living with HIV, and people who use injection drugs.

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The PrEP guidelines do not recognize the identities, bodies, and experiences of all T2SNB youth. At YouthCO, we think that PrEP should be made available to all youth who need it, and that youth know our needs best. We encourage T2SNB youth to get our needs met in the best ways we know how, and to contact us for support.