Where can I get tested?

There are lots of places we can get tested for HIV, Hep C, and/or STIs: our doctor, a walk-in clinic, a hospital, or a sexual health or youth clinic. Our first choice is always a youth clinic, because the people who work in these spaces are pros at talking to youth! If we go to a doctor, we'll usually have to go to a separate lab to provide the samples. At a clinic, we'll be able to provide our samples and talk to a nurse in the same place!

The Smart Sex Resource website has a clinic finder that shows us a map of clinics throughout British Columbia, including when they are open and what kinds of services they provide. For example, if we want a rapid HIV test, we can search for clinics that offer this kind of test.

We also may be able to sign up to get STI tests without going to a clinic if we live in certain parts of BC. Learn more about the GetCheckedOnline program here.