What can I do if I want more information before my appointment?

Organization-based information

  • Looking up information about the clinic, provider, and/or procedure can help us know what to expect and if we want to find alternatives. We can also call clinics or search for resources on their websites.
  • We can also consider calling HealthLink BC (811), a 24/7 service with health navigators and connections to other healthcare professionals.
  • If we are connected with other practitioners (e.g. a family doctor), they may be able to provide information about other healthcare services. 

Community Knowledge

  • We may personally know people who have similar healthcare experiences (e.g. peers, friends, family). We can consider asking folks for their perspectives and/or advice.
  • We can also find support through online forums (e.g. Facebook groups/pages, Reddit) or from people who share their experiences online (e.g. Instagram, Youtube, blogs).