Using condoms

Condoms are a way to prevent HIV, Hep C, and other STIs from being passed during any form of penetrative sex. They can also prevent pregnancy. 

There are two kinds of condoms that we can use: 

  1. External condoms: can be placed on a penis, strapless, prosthetic, or sex toy. 
  2. Internal condoms: can be used in a front hole, vagina, or bum. These can be worn for up to 8 hours and be used by people of any gender, but are unfortunately branded as "female" condoms. 

We know that sometimes T2SNB people are unable to negotiate condom use with our partners because we may not know what words to use or may be afraid of what might happen if we do. Condoms are not the only option we have—PrEP, treatment, and getting tested regularly are also great options to take care of ourselves.