What are some ways that I can support myself before my appointment?

Many of us feel nervous before appointments. It can hard to be calm or self-compassionate in these moments. Finding distractions, like spending time with others or watching a show, can help ease our nerves. It may also help to think about what we need to feel ready and safe. This can provide insight on ways to support ourselves.

Worried about missing an appointment?

  • If we have access to electronic devices, we can set reminders on our phones, computers, and online calendars.
  • We can set alarms (on our phones, watches, or clocks) to remind us before the appointment begins
  • We can write notes with the appointment details and put them in places that we are likely to see
  • We can ask the clinic if they have an option for reminder texts, emails, and calls
  • We may want to ask others to check in and remind us
  • Planning extra time to get to an appointment can help avoid extra stress

Worried because you’re not sure what to expect?

  • We can call clinics ahead of time to ask what our appointment might include and how to prepare
  • We can ask people who have experience with your type of appointment or find information on online platforms
  • We can share our concerns with our practitioners beforehand and talk to them about our boundaries

Worried about mistreatment or discrimination?

  • Bringing a support person (e.g. a friend, family member, support worker), can provide a source of comfort. They may also be able to witness interactions or advocate for us.
  • For those of us who are Indigenous, some health authorities, such Fraser Health, have Aboriginal Health Liaisons that we can connect with