Youth Sex Ed

November 15, 2019

YouthCO's work to reduce the impact of HIV stigma on youth in BC includes having open, youth-led conversations about sex and sexual health!

Our role in sex education is to facilitate conversations and workshops that focus on aspects of sexual health, and advocate for all youth in BC to have access to relevant, standardized, knowledgeable, safe, and fun sex education.

  • Our Yúusnewas program offers sexual wellbeing workshops from an Indigenous lens at no cost to Indigenous communities in BC. These peer-led, sex-positive workshops can be customized, and cover pleasure, consent, STI testing, contraception, and information we need to make informed decisions about our health! 
  • In 2018, we spoke to over 600 high school students in over 80 communities across BC. This information helped shape the Sex Ed Is Our Right campaign, advocating for better sexual health education in BC.
  • Check out our events page for upcoming opportunities to connect with young people passionate about sexual health!


  • Scarleteen is a comprehensive online resource about sex, with a focus on youth!
  • For folks in BC and/or the Yukon, call the Sex Sense line at 1-800-739-7367 to get answers to your questions!
  • Smart Sex Resource offers information about STIs, getting tested, and more!
  • Beyond the Basics includes sexual health and sexuality education lessons for youth of all ages.
  • YouthCO's Sex Ed is Our Right report, which highlights youth voices about the sex ed we want!