Sex Ed Youth Video Project

Youth Voices in Sex Ed Video Project

YouthCO is providing a paid leadership opportunity for youth aged 14-19 years old who are interested in sharing their thoughts and experiences around sex education in BC!

We're making six videos to support our Sex Ed Is Our Right project! Each video will feature a youth sharing their experiences with the sexual health education curriculum. YouthCO's Peer Education Coordinator will work with you to create key messages that we'll use to encourage our provincial government to support sex ed that is relevant, standardized, delivered by knowledgeable educators, and fun! This builds on our report, which includes ideas from over 600 high school students in 84 communities in BC!

We're looking to hear about what's working for youth, what could be improved upon, and to let youth lead the conversation. This project will aim to produce six videos (1-2 minutes each) starring youth to be shared on our Sex Ed is Our Right website and media platforms. We'll provide youth with a $100 honorarium each for participating, as well as snacks during filming sessions. We want to hear from youth wherever you are in the province! we will work to support you throughout the process, and answer any questions.

Sounds fun? email [email protected] to participate! Participants will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis.