Back to School

patti bacchus P

It’s back to school week.

My friends at YouthCO are gearing up for an exciting new campaign to underscore the importance of a revitalized sex ed curriculum that empowers youth, parents, and educators with the tools they need to prevent HIV and Hep C transmission—for all students.

In my role as Vancouver’s longest-serving School Board Chair, I saw how YouthCO’s education efforts informed and empowered our youth. This year alone, they met with hundreds of students in 83 cities across British Columbia. In some cases, they’ve met with protests (this just encourages them to work harder, which I love).

I support YouthCO in their mission to get the best possible information into the hands of youth across this province—and now I’m asking for your help.

Will you join me in donating $25, $100, or even $200 right now?


Thanks for everything you do,



Patti Bacchus