What kind of support from organizations or professionals can I access?

Support Workers

  • We may be able to find support workers who can share information, help us communicate with our practitioners, and accompany us to our appointments.

Trusted Practitioners & Organizations

  • If we know trusted practitioners or organizations, we can consider asking them to communicate with other practitioners. Here are some examples of this that folks shared with us:
    • "My family doctor was not willing to provide me with a lab request, and then my naturopath who is more affirming and someone who I trust more, offered to write my family doctor a letter about the things we’ve been working on. Or sometimes, they’ll provide me specific things they can ask my doctor or things I can say to get a specific thing."

    • "My clinic kept asking me to participate in a study even though I kept saying I didn’t. They wouldn’t leave me alone, so I stopped going. Until a couple of outreach workers asked me what was going on and I told them. I had three different organizations phone the clinic to tell them to stop it. They’re like ‘This is not okay. You can’t continue to ask them these things. They have stated multiple times that they are not interested and now I’m speaking on their behalf because they no longer want to talk to you. If you want to continue giving them care, this subject is off the table. Don’t mention anything like it or they will stop getting care from you.’"