What are some self-care strategies that might work for me?

Exploring Activities

  • What we want out of self-care and how self-care works is different for everyone! If we are having a hard time finding ways that work for us, we can consider some of these activities.
    • Interactive self-care guide
    • Well-being checklist
    • Journaling about our experiences
    • Making art (e.g. poetry, visual art, zines)
    • Doing something that is physically engaging if we have been mentally processing a lot
    • Finding distracting activities
    • Spending time with people who are affirming, see us, and respect us
    • Learning about self-compassion
    • Talking to others with shared experiences


  • If we are experiencing challenges with healthcare practitioners, we can often find ourselves internalizing judgments or questioning ourselves. The activities above may help us understand these experiences and cope. We may also want to critically explore and understand the dynamics with our healthcare providers. Here’s what one person shared about this:
    • “Knowing that at the heart of it, the things that they say are not necessarily reflective of me, my character, my morals. I’ve had to learn to expect that kind of thing and mentally prepare to bounce that off of me so I don’t internalize it.”