What are some ways I can process my experiences with others?

Personal Support

  • Sometimes our thoughts can be overwhelming to process alone. Having someone with us to share our experiences or spend time with can be helpful.
    • We can reach out to folks we trust (e.g. friends, family members, counsellors) or members of the community to talk about our experiences and feelings
    • We can ask them to distract us (e.g. telling us about their day) or to do something with us

Organized Support

  • We may be able to find support groups (e.g. Facebook groups, group counselling) that focus on our experiences (e.g. groups for chronic pain, QTIBIPOC-only spaces). Talking to people with similar experiences can help us feel less alone.
    • For example, here is an online zine focusing on disabled students in academia

Sharing Our Experiences

  • Some of us may want to share advice with others in similar situations as a way of processing our own experiences. We can do this in many different creative ways (e.g. Zines, social media, blogs, writing books).