What can I do if appointments are overwhelming?

Checking in with Ourselves

  • We can take a moment during our appointments to check in with ourselves. If we are comfortable doing so, we can consider communicating our needs and experience with our practitioners.


  • Many of us find it helpful to have someone we know in the waiting room or with us during the appointment. This may be a friend, family member, trusted nurse, etc. Here is what some folks shared with us about this form of support:
    • “Bring someone you trust with you. It feels safe. Safety and support, knowing that I’m not doing this alone. Again, really going back to the community.”

Asking Questions

  • Some of us also find it helpful to ask questions. Here’s how one person described this:
    • "With questions, you can get to know how much the doctor knows. When you ask more questions, it takes the heat off of you.”