Internal Condoms

November 2, 2020

At YouthCO, we've been exploring the world of internal condoms and we're excited to share what we've learned.

We can use internal condoms in front holes, vaginas, and bums! Internal condoms can prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, as well as pregnancy. They work best when used correctly, and with lots of water, oil, or silicone-based lube. Lube helps reduce friction during insertion and use. Both internal condoms and lube are available at YouthCO during our online or in-person events!

Below, you can find our guides to understanding and using internal condoms, with art by Alisha Lee.

Hey, great choice! Condoms and lube are a great way to prevent HIV and STI’s from being passed. They can also prevent pregnancy!

Here are some things to know before getting it on: When we’re with our partners, consent is a necessary part of sex. Consent is about getting on the same page with our partners about what is comfortable and sexy!

condom and lube

Internal condoms can be used in a front hole, vagina, or bum.
Internal condoms are made of nitrile, not latex. We can use water-, silicone-, or oil-based lube with internal condoms. Internal condoms are pre-lubed with silicone lube which can break down silicone such as toys and prosthetics. We can put an internal condom inside our bodies up to 2 hours before we need it!


First things first!
Check the expiration date on the side of the condom packaging. Gently tear the package open, making sure not to rip the condom.


Take a second to figure out which end is open (bigger ring) and which end is closed (smaller ring). The closed end goes inside our bodies. During use, be mindful that the outer ring stays outside the body, and that the prosthetic, body part, or sex toy being inserted goes inside the condom and does not push it to the side. The outer ring stays outside the body so we can take the condom out when we are done.

hand squeezing condowm

Putting the condom inside a front hole or vagina:
Squeeze the smaller inner ring of the condom

condom inserted in a vagina

Slowly insert the inner ring and gently guide it inside with fingers, a toy, or a partner, keeping the bigger ring outside the body.

Condom inserted in a bum

Putting the condom inside a bum:
We may want to take out the ring on the inside for greater comfort. Put the condom on a hard body part, prosthetic, or toy and gently push it inside the bum, keeping the outer ring outside the body.

condom tied up

When we are no longer having sex:
Twist the outer ring of the condom and pull it out slowly. Put the used condom in the garbage.

How can I get internal condoms?

We can attend a YouthCO event online or in-person for access to free internal condom packs including lube. We can buy them at pharmacies - sold as female condoms - for about $15 for a pack of 3. We can also sometimes buy them online.