Long-Acting Injectable PrEP Approved

May 23, 2024

What is PrEP?

PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a medication taken by HIV-negative people to prevent HIV. Traditionally, PrEP has been a daily pill, but now there's a new Health Canada-approved option called Apretude!

What is Apretude?

Apretude is the first long-acting injectable form of PrEP, made of the HIV medication cabotegravir. Like other forms of PrEP, it's designed to prevent HIV for HIV-negative people. Apretude is given as an injection every two months. 

Why might we consider Apretude?

Clinical trials showed that Apretude is very effective at preventing HIV. While oral PrEP is very effective, Apretude was shown to be more effective than daily oral PrEP (tenofovir DF + FTC). This increased efficacy rate is in part because it's easier for many people to get an injection every two months instead of remembering daily pills. The less frequent dosing schedule of Apretude can make this a lower-maintenance option of PrEP. 

How can I access Apretude?

Negotiations for private and public insurance coverage are ongoing, so it may take some time before Apretude becomes accessible. If you're currently on or considering PrEP, talking to your healthcare provider about your options can help you stay informed! To learn more, check out CATIE's post.

Please note that this article is not an advertisement for Apretude or its manufacturers. Rather, we include the name of the medication so folks can be specific when searching for information, talking to their partners, or consulting with healthcare providers.