I’m questioning my sexuality and/or gender

That’s OK!  Sexual identity and gender identity are unique to each person – variations are unlimited, and they are all valid.

We may feel pressure to put a label on what we’re feeling, but we don’t have to.  Some people say they always knew their sexual orientation, and / or that they were gender variant or trans.  For some of us, it’s more of a gradual process. 

It’s OK to give ourselves time to explore our own identity and, if we want to, build up the strength and courage to share this with others.  Coming out to ourselves, our friends, and family doesn’t just happen once – it’s a continuous process.   

Some things to consider before coming out to our friends and families:

  • Are we emotionally ready to share our sexual orientation or gender with others?
  • Do we have someone to go to for emotional support?
  • Can we anticipate and prepare for how our friends and family will react?

At YouthCO, we offer peer support. Call us to find out more: 604-681-1441

Check out these resources:

If you need to talk to someone right away call the BC Crisis Centre: 604-872-3311