How do I know which practitioners to go to?


  • We can ask people that we know for recommendations and their experiences. Here are some ways to start this conversation:
    • “Hey, I’m struggling to find a good GP. Do you have any suggestions?”
    • “I’m helping a friend who wants an ADHD diagnosis. Do you know where they could look?”
  • We can also reach out to our communities (e.g. Facebook groups, organizations) to get more information. Here are some example posts:
    • [Online] “Info request: Does anyone have recommendations for a doctor? Here are some things that are important to me: Not fatphobic, QTIBIPOC, sex-positive
    • [Online] “Looking for a queer counsellor in the Prince George area for sliding scale services. Any recommendations?

Shared Perspectives

  • We may feel more comfortable seeking services from practitioners who share our perspectives on health.
    • For instance, many folks are interested in naturopaths and acupuncturists for their connections to holistic health.
    • If available, we can also search for information that might align with our needs on practitioner websites (e.g. cultural backgrounds, approaches, etc.)