Calling All Camp Volunteers!

Summer Camp 2016

Camp Moomba will be taking place from July 14 to July 19 at YMCA Camp Elphinstone. Camp Moomba was first held in 1998, and is open to youth between 6 and 17 years old, who are living with HIV or have a close family member who is HIV-positive. To learn more about Camp Moomba, please visit  

Preference will be given to volunteers who have previous Camp Moomba experience (as a volunteer or as a camper), youth living with HIV, and folks who have completed YouthCO's Core Training, which we are offering again this June 8 & 9. To get more details or reserve your spot, please RSVP here.

We're looking for volunteers to come to Camp Moomba as Group Leaders and be part of the Camper Wellness Team!

  • GROUP LEADERS are the people that make camp happen! Being a Group Leader means supporting camper groups, sleeping in camper accommodations, and making sure campers’ wellness is looked after. We are also looking for Group Leaders to take on additional roles as: Leadership Youth Facilitator (working with our campers who are 15, 16 & 17 years old to build leadership skills!), Camp Photographer (using a camp camera, or your own!) and this year, and two or three One-to-One Workers who have experience working with youth who use mobility devices, manage chronic pain, or experience PTSD symptoms. To get the full role description and application details, click here! 
  • CAMP NURSES are part of the Wellness Team, along with an Indigenous Elder and a Student Nurse. We are looking for a nurse who has experience administering medication, first aid, and most importantly, having as much as fun as possible throughout  and beyond campers’ medical needs. To get the full role description and application details, click here!  *please note our catheterization needs have been met!*

If you aren’t able to join us at camp this year, but have been to camp before, you are welcome to participate in our visitor day! Visitors are an important part of the Camp Moomba community (e.g. past campers, volunteers offering specialty programming). We're excited to welcome a limited number of visitors to camp on the afternoon of July 17, 2019. To RSVP details for that are here,