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November 19, 2019

We offer a variety of workshops about sexual health, harm reduction, HIV and Hep C. All of our workshops are facilitated by youth, for youth, and can be customized to meet the needs and learning goals of your group. Our Yúusnewas program provides free workshops to Indigenous communities across BC.

In the Lower Mainland, we offer workshops through our Peer Education program. The Peer Education program is funded through honouraria from schools and organizations that book our workshop. We offer a discount for multiple bookings, and the generosity of our funders means we will not ever let cost be a barrier for youth accessing our workshops.

Our most popular workshops are:

HIV 101: What is HIV anyways? How is it different from AIDS? What do youth need to know about transmission, testing, and treatment? This workshop covers the basics, while also unpacking myths and stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. 

Sexual Well-Being: Safer sex isn’t just about looking after our physical health; it’s about our overall well-being. Many factors can affect our sexual well-being, like social norms and values, peer pressure, self-esteem, and more. This interactive workshop provides a safe space for discussion about sexual health and well-being. Participants develop an understanding of assertive communication, consent, positive relationships, and safer sex. 

Hep C 101: Learn the basics about Hepatitis C with this interactive workshop. We’ll talk about transmission, harm reduction, and self-care for youth living with Hep C. This workshop is led by youth from CHEP, Community for Hep C Empowerment & Prevention.

YouthCO Trivia:This fast-paced, gameshow-style workshop can be customized to the learning goals of your group. Choose from topics including: HIV, STIs, safer sex, gender and sexuality, Hep C, drugs and alcohol, harm reduction, and more. 

We also offer custom workshops, as well as workshops for service providers looking to build skills to support youth around sexual health and harm reduction.

Email us at [email protected] or use the box on the right for more information about booking with us!