Sex Ed is Our Right

Sex ed is really important! As young people, we don’t always get the information we need, or a say in what we’re taught and when we’re taught it. Especially as LGBTQ+ youth, we may not get the information we need.

Recent updates to BC’s high school curriculum mean lots of opportunities for educators and youth to work together to take sex ed to a newly inclusive, up-to-date, and accurate place! YouthCO is leading a project to hear from high school aged youth about what's working, and what not when it comes to sex ed. If you'd like to get involved, you're in the right place!  

YouthCO is working on an exciting project to engage high school-aged youth from across BC in a conversation around the current sexual health curriculum. The goal of this project is to give youth an opportunity to provide their input, and to be included in the process of envisioning what an inclusive, up-to-date, and accurate sexual health education curriculum might look like. 

1. Teachers, PACs, administrators, nurses and students can bring YouthCO to your school! Our team of peers will: 

  • Hold 60-80 minutes of youth-led discussion about the sexual health curriculum with 5-15 students
  • Deliver our workshops on sex education and sexual well-being (if you’d like, at no cost)
  • Provide youth with leadership opportunities

2. Paid leadership opportunities for high school students 

Are you a youth in BC? Are you passionate about sexual health education, and want to make it more inclusive and accurate?

We are looking for 7 youth in BC to act as the youth advisory committee for this project! We are looking for youth who are:

  • Passionate about sex education and wanting to learn more about the developments in curriculum
  • Are interested in learning new skills and connecting with other youth
  • Are able to be involved for the duration of the project
  • Are high school aged, whether you’re attending school or not

To make it easier: 

  • You do not need any previous volunteer or professional experience
  • You do not need to have extensive knowledge of sexual education and curriculum
  • Meetings can be attended in person, by phone, or online

3. High school students can complete our survey!

  • Another way to participate in conversations about sex ed is by completing our survey (with a chance to with a $100 gift card)

 Interested in getting involved? Connect with Ghada at [email protected]!