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Whatever our status, let's resist stigma!

Whatever our HIV status or viral load, there are plenty of ways for us to resist the stigma around HIV. Together with Resist Stigma, we are proud to present these posters showing different ways that we can resist stigma, whatever our HIV status or viral load.

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Discussing ways to prevent transmission

Talking about sexual health is something everyone can do! At YouthCO, we believe that sexual health is a shared responsibility, and that each of us can take action! There are a lot of options to prevent passing or getting HIV, and while we might not use all of them, we can definitely find one that fits! For those of us who are HIV positive and undetectable, taking our treatment every...

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Staying current with methods of prevention

Blink, and you’ll miss it! Options to prevent HIV and STIs are ever evolving. Condoms work for many people, but for those of us who don't use condoms all the time, there are other ways to have safer sex too! Current HIV prevention methods include, but aren’t limited to, getting tested regularly, being on PrEP, staying on medication, and being aware of our partners’ status. Some of us might do...

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