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What do youth have to say about the London Patient?

At YouthCO, we’ve been getting a lot of excitement and questions about the media coverage of the "London patient," a man who  who has recently been cured of HIV as a result of treatment for lymphoma (a type of cancer). This person was given a bone marrow transplant from a donor who has an HIV resistant gene mutation, which meant HIV could no longer survive in his body. While articles...

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YouthCO stands against HIV non-disclosure

Thank you,, for publishing this article online here. When getting sexy with our partner(s), we all have an opportunity to talk about sexual health. Yet in practice, many of us are reluctant to start a conversation, bring up condoms, or ask about HIV and STIs. For those of us who are HIV-positive, not having one of these conversations means we may face charges of aggravated sexual assault. In fact,...

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