YCO Y orange

Pronouns: she, her, hers.

Janna is a white settler living as an uninvited guest on this land. She grew up on Crawford Purchase land, nearby Treaty 57, in 'Ontario' and spent her adolescence as a queer, HCV+, street-involved youth, and drug user. She traveled for many years exploring the country, discovering music, and connecting with rural communities. These experiences led her to youth engagement programs and peer advocacy work. Quickly she fell in love with delivering workshops and deepened a passion for drug policy work and reducing stigmas enforced onto marginalized community members. As a woman of many interests Janna has worked as a birth doula, a sound engineer for live shows and film, a fisherman in northern 'Saskatchewan', a writer and life-skills coach, is slowly pursuing (through scholarships/bursaries) a bachelors degree in psychology, a certificate in animal behaviour, and is passionate in the field of mental health. Her favorite TV show (at the moment) is The Office and it should be noted that she is quite comfortable embarking on very long one-sided conversations with any dog willing to listen. Janna can be reached at janna@youthco.org.